Reminder! Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 1st at 6:00 pm at the Holiday Park Community Center.

HPNA Mission


Holiday Park is not immune to the spike in crime here in beautiful Albuquerque. HPNA's primary goal to take on crime head on with police overtime patrols funded by your HPNA dues.

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Neighborhood Voice

HPNA is your official line of communication with the city government. As a neighborhood association, we together represent a more effective method for addressing common neighborhood issues and voicing our concerns to the city on issues that affect Holiday Park.

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HPNA organizes neighborhood BBQs, volunteer opportunities, senior assistance, and other family events. Join us and get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood better!

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Become a member of HPNA to help make our neighborhood a safer, more connected community. Join us at our monthly meetings to inquire about becoming part of the HPNA leadership.